Corporate Training

Special Training For Corporate World

We welcome you to an innovative concept “Bollywood + Corporate Jazz” a specialized service offered by Mrudang Dance Group for corporate employees.

Under the auspices of the Employee welfare program, employees of your company will now be able to avail dance courses by our professionally trained and experienced instructors.

These courses will be offered at special rates devised for your organization. Through this unique opportunity, employees and members will be able to pursue their interest in Dance and well being in the comfort of their office premises and at convenient time slots.

We offer the following services

Event based choreography

Be it your annual function, inter corporate competitions, your AGM s, we will help you glam up the event by setting dance performances with your very own employees.

    • To conceptualise and design the event from Scratch.
    • Selections of songs, Styles & Theme.
    • Choreography.
    • Special effects.
    • Song and Video editing to suit the theme.
    • Rehearsals.
    • Costumes.

We also have our very own troupe which can come and perform at any of your event.

Dance workshops

Dance is a therapeutic activity, since it enables a direct expression of emotions and thoughts. We will come to your premises and at your convenient time, we can conduct dance workshops for your employees. Our syllabus draws from Jazz technique, Ballet exercises, Indian dance forms, Stretching, Physical Training Disciplines, Dance Therapy activities and the Theater Arts to offer employees an outlet for personal growth and creative expression. The different form of dance that we teach are

Bollywood, Jazz, Salsa, Hip-hop, Contemporary, Rock n roll Jive, Folk,etc…


    • Improved Fitness levels.
    • Improved Confidence.
    • Improved Concentration.
    • Improved Discipline.
    •  Improved Posture.
    • Improved Body Awareness.
    • Positive Thinking.
    • Improved Appetite.
    • Improved Memory.
    • Improved Will Power.
    • Enhanced Communication Skills.
    • Team spirit.
    • Enhanced creativity.
    • All Round Development.

If you are looking for a team building activity or planning a special performance for a corporate event – we can customize the workshop to suit your needs.

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