healing through dance and music

Healing Through Dance & Music

Healing Through Dance & Music It’s a Unique concept where you use Creative Movement through Dance & Music as a medium to understand connection between Body to Body, Sole to Soul. Warmup Session. Creative Movement. Rhythm Awareness. Choreography Meditation Warm-up Session We follow basic Stretching and Toning exercise. That’s more of Ballet and Isolated movement on Read more about Healing Through Dance & Music[…]

Healing Through Meditation

Connect – A unique concept of getting connected to your Higher Self & Self Discovery through Healing. Yogacise. Inner Creative Movement. Meditations. Yogacise Blend of Pranayam & Asanas with Music. Different asanas will be taught and explained with importance of breathing, health benefits, physical, mental & spiritual wellness through music and chanting. We would be Read more about Healing Through Meditation[…]